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Gin & Tonic 25g

Gin & Tonic 25g

Gin And Tonic Snuff

Snuff Store have asked a major UK snuff blender to blend a  luxurious  Gin and Tonic flavoured snuff especially for Snuff Store customers - in fact, it was Snuff Store's 'testing panel' of customers who decided on the final blend and flavour of Gin and Tonic snuff.

Gin and Tonic snuff was blended with our instructions to 'pull out all the stops', in order to produce what is in our opinion a fantastic Gin and Tonic flavoured snuff. Juniper berries and the masked bitter quinine flavours predominate

Gin and Tonic snuff is a finely ground, brown, slightly moist snuff, that will retain it's 'pinch shape' if 'pinched too hard'.

Perfect for a celebration, summer afternoon or as an everyday snuff; Gin and Tonic snuff is suitable for both new and experienced snuffers alike.

Gin and Tonic snuff is sold in 25g Vac tins. Perfect for filling a snuff box with or dipping in to.

Try Gin and Tonic Snuff today.

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