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Poschl Lowenprise 10g

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The dominant flavour here is liquorice, not aniseed and you can get the difference by tasting Poschl's own Ozona Anis. The Lowen-prise was my first all day snuff. I still like the different phases that are remarkable here: at first, there's the sweet liquorice accompanied by a trace of menthol, which after a while fades into a pleasant aroma of tobacco. For me, it's still five stars worth.

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Customer Reviews

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MR Lewandowski
Good, quality snuff.

My favorite type.

Lovely complex aniseed menthol

It is warming, despite the menthol. Very sweet in the background. Possibly with tones of honey with either coffee or chocolate. Its nicotine may not be the highest, but it is definitely there, relatively slow release, present and warming. Much like Gletcher Prise, it specialises in the creation of a warm, happy satisfied feeling, but it has an unexpected energising kick to it that is possibly caused by the sweetness that is added. Could be used on and off all day, but I prefer to use it either when I need to have a feeling of "everything is going to be.... all right". Maybe in the evening after dinner and chilling out. Like many snuffs, it is great to be used alongside a mindfulness practice and can help you feel grounded in the present as you explore how the effect and complex back notes of the flavour of the snuff is affecting you emotionally. For those of us who don't drink alcohol, its quite nice to use this aniseed menthol instead of a dessert wine or instead of a whiskey at the end of the day. Although the normal recommended use of snuff is lots of small pinches taken every 10 minutes for half an hour, quite large pinches of this can be taken without too much ill effects, but there will be a cardio workout while sitting in your chair. A very good satisfier of nicotine cravings.

Brian Bramwell
Very pleasant if you like aroma of aniseed

Great when I want something refreshing. I usually use the apricot but fancied a change and was not disappointed. The balance between aniseed/menthol just right.

erdal işleyen

The order I placed 15 days ago has not been received yet and I have not received any information about it.

Benjamin Harrison

Sweet and then mild menthol