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Poschl Radford Premium 10g

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This finely grounded produce known as "Radford Snuff Premium " from Poschl which is generally ideal to everyone of any level in our snuff community that is still increasing to this day. Similar to "Radford" comes another fine menthol scent that is simple and inherits a distinctive flavouring. The texture is of a good coarse and is rapidly growing in terms of being a favourable one to our customers, which is more of a non-overpowering hit in the form of a slightly moist brown mentholated snuff.

However prepare to feel a mentholated sensation if that is more of your preference, with a tingle of spice and nuttiness. One that lives up to its reputation as a nice contrast of menthol and long lasting flavouring, which is more that easily accessible to pinch and place the nostril area. All within a 10g container and at a reasonal price. Let us know your thoughts below.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Mrmaroon

Customer Reviews

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Richard Smith
Radfords premium

For some reason I had a feeling I would like this snuff before I tried it, it could be that radfords in the tin is awesome or the super sleek tap box but this snuff is awesome and the scent is just lovely, it's shame it is so costly otherwise I would 100% buy so much more of it, radfords premium has become my favourite go to snuff when out and about so as amazing as ozona president is radfords has knocked it from my number 1 spot 😀

Peter Triestman
Have not received my order. It's been 4 weeks

How can I review what I do not have.

Teodor Nebraski
Radford premiums snuff

Very parfumey snuff. Hints of chocolate maybe, something fruity and floral.


Really gentle on the menthol, perfumey, chocolatey, an easy to take and easy on the nose, no relevant back drip to speak of or non at all nice one to alternate with other mentholated Poschl such as Alpina