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Samuel Gawith Black Arabica

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This is one of my favorite coffee-scented snuffs. It's dark, strong, and the scent lasts for long time. I wouldn't want to take it all day, it's usually one I use in the evenings. It has a scent that reminds me of two things - walking into a store that sells good pipe tobacco, and coffee made from fresh-ground beans (instead of canned grounds).

Gives a bit of burn up front and mellows out pretty quickly. I want to always have some on hand, and find myself using it sparingly to save it.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel S Mills
i give this a five!!

samuel gawith is my favorite of favorites. i prefer this one! a great snuff! energizing snd also great to get motivated for a nice hike or stroll in the park.


Slight burn on the nostirl quickly fades to coffee ish but not over powering . Not too wet or dry just perfect.

Adrian jimenez

Samuel Gawith Black Arabica

Mikki Kukki
Very pleasant experience that has me coming back for more

Bought one pack as a taste but found myself wanting more after it was done. The grind is fairly coarse but in a pleasant way and the smell is absolutely outstanding. A great buy for anyone who enjoys the smell of coffee grounds and snuff.

miguel angel rodriguez

Samuel Gawith Black Arabica