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Toque Peach

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I love it. After trying a number of peach snuffs that I found overly sweet and fake, I thought maybe peach snuff was just a bad idea. Leave it to Toque to prove me wrong. Head and shoulders and everything else better than any other peach snuff. Much better than Toque's Apricot, too.

Its fresh and natural smelling. Not syrupy sweet like peach nectar, but more like being in a small room with bushels of peaches all around you that had just been picked. I have 2 peach trees myself, and this really is spot on. Don't think you are getting a candy snuff here.

This is a seriously clean snuff. It could almost be one for an all day affair, but its more than just a dessert. Perhaps an all evening one. A keeper for me and another masterpiece from Toque.

Courtesy of Snuff reviews: Xander