McChrystal's Original Genuine Small

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McChrystal's Original And Genuine Snuff is an excellent slightly moist snuff, ideal for both the beginner and expert alike.

Original & Genuine is made to a secret recipe that's been unchanged for 80 years. It's described as the 'classic' nasal tobacco experience.

Many snuffers rate McChrystal's Original and Genuine very highly. For some Original and Genuine is an everyday snuff, for many it is ranked as the snuff that they would suggest to a beginner.

Most frequent Original & Genuine snuff users refer to it simply as O & G. As in, 'I'll have a couple of tins of O & G please George...'.

Mentholated, but unlike other menthol snuffs, McChrystal's O & G has many other complex flavours. A good all round snuff, Original and Genuine should be in every snuffer's snuff drawer!

McChrystal's Original and Genuine snuff is perfect to pinch straight from the tin, or easily sniffed through a snuff bullet.

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