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Ozona English Menthol Type Snuff is another new addition to the Snuff Store range added in April 2011.
Ozona English Methol Type snuff is a special import as it is not usually available in the UK, and therefore considered 'difficult to get hold of' in the UK.
Basically this snuff is Poschl's attempt at recreating a traditional english menthol type snuff, on the Ozona label and they have done a good job!
As with other Ozona blends the snuff itself is brown, slightly moist and of a medium grind. The snuff has a distinct menthol flavour, that is individual to this blend of snuff and is pleasant in the nose.
Ozona English Menthol Type snuff is suitable for beginner and expert snuff takers alike, it is bound to be liked by those who love menthol snuff. Like several others on the Ozona label, English Menthol type snuff is presented in a distinctive round metal tin, with a 'dosing' hole in the side, through which you 'tap out' your required size of pinch.
What is interesting with the Ozona English Menthol Type snuff, is the fact that the labeling on the box (on the front) is actually embossed into the metal of the tin, giving the shiny silver coloured box of Ozona English Menthol Type snuff an individual and classy appearance.

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