Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g

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Packard's Club Snuff

Packard's Club Snuff is a firm favourite of ours manufactured under licence by Poschl of Germany.

Described as having a discreetly fruity aroma with a masculine taste. The menthol after is really refreshing and hangs around for a good while.

Packard's snuff comes in a beautiful 'retro style' box which is very tactile. Even better is the snuff serving dispenser, which makes using Packard's club snuff a breeze.

Packard's is a coarse, slightly moist snuff and a must for any serious snuffer.

Once you've tried Packard's, we imagine it will become one of your daily use snuffs.

Fresh Supplies Of Packard's Club Snuff Once Again Available In The UK!

As you may be aware, Packard's Club was discontinued in the UK back in 2008. No stock was available to purchase at trade after the summer as it sold out quickly. We have now sourced a supply of fresh Packard's Club snuff from outside of the UK, but this has meant an increase in the retail price.

Try Packard's Club Snuff today.

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