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Through the inspiration of the stunning French city Nice, comes a unique variant of snuff called French Riviera that inherits a silky moist grind that creates a scent of Plethora that will slowly start to hit you. Oh so slightly cooling with a lingering flavour. Inspired by authentic french perfumes supplying a prominent smell of the French landscape and iconic riverside.

The flavour will linger for a lengthy amount of time and offer a perfume smell that is perfect for any circumstance. We trust you will enjoy the sensation and uncommon wisp of this niche snuff. It would not be amiss to state here that the essence for this snuff reminisces authentic French fragrances. J'adore French Riviera.

Customer Review: It's a silky moist grind there's Barely any burn if any at all. Upon first snuff there's a ever so slight cooling, then a plethora of perfume's slowly Start's to hit you. Perfumes of high class prostitutes, and fine ladies in waiting to be courted. In a good way it's becoming one of my favorites. The flavors linger for quite a while which is all good. Is that the faint smell of a fresh deck of card's being dealt, an perhaps wisps of the flowing river that I do detect?

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