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6 Photo Kailash

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From 6 Photo comes another fine specimen in their series of Indian nasal snuff. Kailash comes in a significant moist form with an incense scent for a cheap and affordable price. Through the production of high-quality snuff making craftsmanship comes a formulated strong hit when placed in the nostril area. A must-have to those who favour a long-lasting hard-hitting sensation. An aroma of perfumed incense with an easy grind and cooling menthol.

Kailash balances the flavouring of menthol and fragrance accurate for you to get a prized experience. A nice and easy grind with a moist sensation., which can conceivably exercise your imagination into a Bollywood garden movie scene while you experience some of the most nose penetrating snuff. It all starts when you open the tin...Let us know your thoughts below.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: WOW! Is the least I can say. I wasn't expecting this snuff to be half as good as what it is. Multiple mentions of menthol in reviews caused me to underestimate this snuff. Having tried it I barely detect any menthol other than the cool sensation on the nose associated with it.

I opened the little tub and emptied it into my snuff box upside down, it slid out in a solid cylinder shape and gave a strong musky scent. Its fine, moist form made it very easy to get a decent pinch and made it easy to take. At first it cleared my sinuses and filled my head with a strong incense smell, as the initial perfume blast dissipated I noticed several undertones which are hard to compare to anything.
A moderate pinch to each nostril delivered a good nicotine hit.
This snuff's unique musk scent is very long lasting and has satisfied me. I had long sought out a snuff with this scent through different brands like Gawith Hoggarth, F & T and Wilsons of Sharrow with their perfumed selection like sandalwood etc.
However, I may be over enthusiastic as this is my first Indian snuff. I would strongly recommend Kailash as an introduction to the 6 photo collection. Or to anyone ever that had a spare 79p...
Although this snuff is very pleasant, to use it too often would kill it by over stimulating your nose I imagine. The next couple of pinches I took from it had a much weaker scent.
This is a new favourite of mine and will be reordering asap.

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