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6 Photo LA Natural

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La Natural is renowned a natural fine white tobacco with a tinge of spice hidden within the product. This white snuff is fabricated in a well-made ground Indian fashion through a quite flavoursome sense and an extraordinary nicotine tolerance. This is a super charming natural tobacco snuff with a soft hint of a lime sensation. A smooth and steady hit for a reasonable price recommended to fans of a complex and acquired snuff taste in the nostril area.

A Madras type snuff from the hub of Six photo that is crafted as a delightful brownish hue ready to linger in your nose for a smooth and lengthy amount of time. Highly recommended to our more eminent nicotine tolerated audience, or those who desire a powerful hit. We guarantee high- graded tobacco and a comprehensive snuff encounter.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: This is a fine ground Indian white type snuff. The moist level is rather high, which makes it quite easy to approach and take, and it has a lovely red brownish hue to it. It is quite flavoursome, but you won't detect any added flavours or casings. Because of its inherent complexity, this is a snuff for the few and something of an acquired taste. The nicotine levels are rather high, but it is not as strong as White Elephant, and it has a very nice bouquet that will linger in your nose after each pinch you take. All and all this is an outstanding snuff everyone should try. Highly recommended.