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6 Photo M.G. Madras

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This extra-strong madras snuff is best known for lacking in exotic spices, but most importantly a refreshing sense of tobacco manifested as a buttery and nutty flavoured snuff. Included with 6 Photo M.G Madrasd is an exotic type mentholated flavour that sets a strong sensation with a milder exotic and nicotine hit. This blend, in particular, is niche as it is a more than a distinctive blend of effective South Indian Burley and Latakia tobaccos.

No added flavours or menthol, just a more natural roasted tobacco aroma all within an 8g or 100g container. This is a very satisfying snuff product to use if you're aspiring to quit smoking. Expect a good sense of nicotine while you scratch the surface of an age-old tradition of the Madras snuff industry.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: No exotic spices in this snuff. Just good tobacco fried in ghee for a buttery, smokey snuff. One sniff and you'll think you just took a drag from a cigarette, and for that reason it's a very satisfying snuff if you use snuff to quit smoking. Some might even suggest this has a mild cigar like quality.

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Francesco D'ambrosio

consigliato fornitore affidabile preciso


either you love it or you hate it. as soon as you apply it, the sensation is not very pleasant, but after a minute it feels like you are breathing into a well-made cigar room. it is extremely delicate in the nose, however the nicotine hits hard. it's better than a couple of cups of coffee to keep you awake. many aromatic nuances are perceived as the minutes pass, definitely worth deepening.
this is just my opinion, But as I said at the beginning either you love it or you hate it.

Haleel Rahman


The best of smoking without the worst

Always enjoyed tobacco and since switching to snuff there's been something missing. There are fantastic aromatic tobacco blends out there from dry leathery and spicy to damp barnyard but all miss one crucial thing... the smoke.

This snuff delivers on that tenfold, it's almost the smokers idea of what snuff must be like: smoking a high quality unfiltered cigarette through your nose in under a second.

Manageable burn to the nostril then hits you with a lasting smokey aroma to enjoy while the nicotine absorbs.

Best enjoyed via the boxcar method (an easy way to take fine snuffs consistently without them hitting your throat) and in large amounts less frequently, wish I discovered this one when I was trying to quit smoking

Sam Sambasivan
Hit & Miss

It is an excellent Indian snuff powder, if you are lucky with the batch. On some occasions the quality of the powder can be very poor.