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6 Photo Super Chetak

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To the fanatics of a premium export quality snuff comes Super Chetak snuff by 6 Photo. Available in now in a range of different container sizes (45g, 6g, 150g). Through a blend of pale sun-ripened tobacco, you will be guaranteed a special ground mixture, recommended to our oral use consumers. The sweet menthol included adds a sense of mild floral scent with a fairly moderate burn. This easy to handle light brown snuff adds a smooth long-lasting sensation when placed up the nostril with outstanding nicotine hit.

Super Cheetak is good value snuff at a surprisingly cheap price, a unique outcome in the Indian snuff market which is recommended to those who may prefer a more distinguished hit. Let us know your thought below on our Punjab originated tobacco.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: 5/5 I love my Indian snuffs and there are many good ones out there, but among them I must say that Super Chetak is in a class by itself. It has the many qualities I like in an indian snuff (intense bouquet, nice mellow burn) but also lacks many of the qualities that can often make Indian snuff unpalatable to the western snuffer (overly floral, fishy or cloying)

Grind: very find, a little difficult to handle and snuff.

Scent: Sweet menthol with a mild floral and sandalwood back round.

Burn: moderate

This is a good value and a tin will last a long time due to its intensity.
highly recommended.