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6 Photo Super Kailash

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Super Kalash is best known as a premium brand Kaim Gunj tobacco with an aromatic twist from grounded Himalayan herbs. This golden coloured Indian snuff is one of 6 Photo's most popular products, one that connoisseurs are an immense fan of. Many of customers quote that it's like a "generic breeze" with a smooth lemon-grass flavouring aroma and long-lasting hit. Coming in a range of different container sizes (8g, 25g, 30g and 200g) with an exotic scent which celebrates a significantly smooth sensation.

6 Photo's Super Kalash is a thoroughly complex product that inherits a mellow feel to it possessing a sense of happiness to your day. If you're a snuff enthusiast then this product is highly recommended. You'll find that the nicotine is more than remarkable, with black grounded moisture that is more than apparent to place in the nostril area. Let us know your thoughts in the review section below.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: This is the best golden snuff ive had during my quest for indian snuffs and im very picky so thats saying alot. Ive given up on the entire dolakia line for example. This snuff has really grown on me. At first I picked up on the soapiness that people have mentioned, it reminded me of generic fabreeze. This is not at all the case however. Once your pallette adjusts you will find no such undertones. In fact the more you take it the more you will catch a pro dominant character of a sweet lemon grass aroma, like an SP but a bit sweeter. It has a slight non tobacco burn that tingles which a am certain is white pepper. This does not irritate however due to the takeover of a nice sweet blue mint that is very subtle. The nicotine is more than noticable, and the ganj tobacco is darn near dissolves in the nose. The tobacco base smells wonderfull with slightly grainy undertones. The moisture is rather high aswell which makes it very easy to take in both pinches and scoops. I almost imagine this as an Indian attempt at an SP which im sure is not the case but if it was I would call it an improvement over SP. No paraphin wax mildew. smell usually associated with indian snuffs. It just smells so fresh and clean but not perfumey. If you like SP, you'll love super kailash. I highly recommend it to any type of snuff enthusiast.