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Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g

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Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich is best known as German unadorned tobacco that originates back to 1860. This product, in particular, includes an enjoyable and long-lasting scent. Some value this product to have an unusual but effective blend of iron sulfate III and tannin. However, you should anticipate a good nicotine punch, all from the medium grind and low moisture. Guaranteed to provide you with the response that you demand.

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: I opened this expecting a schmalzler (when I placed the order, I was under the mistaken impression that's all Bernard's did), and was surprised when I first tried it. It's similar to the De Kralingse Latakia Ao 1860. Very smoky, unadorned tobacco.

Having gotten over the initial surprise of it not being a schmalzler, I like it. It's not something I'd want every day, but when I take it, it's enjoyable. Strong smoke scent, it tends to make me sneeze. The scent lingers, and smells like a nice campfire.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Shikitohno