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Bernard Charivari 10g

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Charivari is a classic schmalzler snuff with menthol and fine cherry. Favored among the classic Bernard snuffs and an incredible flavor which will not disappoint.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Wow! Kirschwasser or some similar natural smelling cherry (this has a disctinct almond or cherry pit scent) with a strong menthol. But here is the kicker: I also smell some subtle spice, which may be the type of tobacco used. This has a finer grind than the usual schmalzer. Tthe tobacco is fairly dark as per a brazilian tobacco and the nicotine is a hair past medium. This is really, really good. If you like zwiefacher (chapstick) or magic moments (strawberry) this will be right up your alley. This reminds me somewhat of a non-floral version of Gawith Hoggarth's Almond snuff, and is a good replacement for that discontinued masterpiece."


Customer Reviews

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Katerina Svobodova
the goods were still not delivered :-(

the goods were still not delivered :-( and no answer to my question when should I expect it

Good, but not my favourite Bernard so far...

This has a pleasant cherry menthol flavour, and is well blended and integrated. Personally I prefer Bernard’s F (Fichtennadel) for a mentholated product. Am looking forward to exploring more of the Bernard line.

thomas fellows
Found this one by accident.

I actually was supposed to order fichtenedel, but I’m glad I made the mistake. This snuff is amazing. Bernard snuff has got to be the best on the market in my opinion. I’ve had cherry snuff in the past which smell ‘cheap and fake.’ But this is definitely quality. Give fichtenadel a bash as well, also a 10/10 :-)

Doc Schneider
Strong cherry and a kick of menthol

Charivari, meaning a special kind of decorative chain on the bavarian 'Lederhosen' is a very pleasant product of Germany's Bernard.
While the cherry aroma is nice and very good for beginners, the menthol kick is strong and refreshing. Very good snuff if the classic menthol is too dull for you.

Stephen Obratov

This one to me taste like a cherry flavoured cough drop. Once you sniff it you get a strong hit of cherry and menthol and very soothing sensation that follows.