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Bernard Civette Extrafein 10g

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"Bernard Civette Extrafein is a dark brown, moderately fine-textured snuff, medium moisture, with a complex bouquet that blends sweet, smoky and savory flavors in more or less equal parts. In that respect, it bears resemblance to a schmalzler, but BCE is a bit more refined. If schmalzlers make you think of Bavarian hunting lodges, BCE is more like a posh Munich lounge. Each is wonderful in its own right, it's just a question of what you're in the mood for.

The finer texture of BCE means one doesn't feel the need to blow it out quickly, as often happens with schmalzlers, so one may enjoy a pinch longer. Yet it still bears that unique blend of sweet and smoky flavors that old-school German snuffs are known for. Another reviewer's comparison to Black Forest ham is indeed apt. A thoroughly enjoyable product, and well worth your interest."

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