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Bernard Feinster Kownoer 10g

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: This stuff has a burn to it. A very good nic hit ensued. A while later, tobacco, glorious tobacco! This snuff absolutely warrants further attempts. Go ahead and put this one on the natural tobacco snuff list. Good strong tobacco.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: I,cant believe there is only one review for this awesome snuff so here goes.l really like this stuff,it's really easy to take whichever technique you use and stays in the gives me no drip but doesn't clog up either,in fact it clears my pipes better than menthol. The aroma gives me high acidic notes,almost vinegary, like quality Virginia tobacco,sounds odd but it is delicious and subtle and it lasts well. If you've never tried a plain tobacco snuff I think that this would be a good place to start and if you are a fan and haven't tried it,you're missing out. Oh and the vitamin N content must be quite high as it got me off my backside to write this.