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Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g

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Straight from a solid cardboard box gives a serving of 50g strongly fermented snuff, a truly "Traditional" product from Bernard which is of the more heavily smoked Schmalzers that inherits a medium grind that is simultaneously moist and an easy refreshing product with an effective hit. Recommended as an every day medium grind that is non-sweet buy that will guarantee a long lasting sensation with no burn.

In terms of flavour, expect a mixture forest-fire and leather, and being one of the more dryer Schmalzer types. With some of our customers describing it as a more warm, organised and comforting snuff, that is straightforward when placing in the nasal area. A significant switch in pace of scented and mentholated snuff all within a 50g container. A pure tobacco bliss which and one of our more long lasting favoured products. Let us know your thought below. 


CUSTOMER REVIEW: My absolute favorite Schmalzler from Bernard. It's a dryer version of the schmalzler type and is one of the most longlasting flavors I know.

Description of the flavor: A mixture between forest-fire, turf-fire and leather. I would give it 6 Stars if I could!!!

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Longcut

Customer Reviews

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An incredible snuff

This has been in my snuff box everyday since the order came and I can see it staying there for a long time. Im a big fan of dark snuffs and this one hits all the spots for me. A lovely rich slightly smoky scent but not overwhelming at all. It brings thoughts of a coal fire, old leather, earth and hay. This would go very well with a dark porter, stout or even a peaty islay malt. Lovely up the nose outside working which is when I use it through the day. Definitely one to try if you like the more natural scented snuffs

Brilliant Snuff

It's the work-horse of my snuff collection. The ideal mixer for any tobacco flavoured snuffs or fantastic on its own. Smoky and bold. Plus it's great value for money. Definitely worth a purchase.