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Bernard Jubilaums 10g

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This is a snuff, not a schmalzler, and is one of the best money can buy. It has to be the most refined menthol snuff that I know of. The menthol is by no means "full," so you get plenty of tobacco notes.

Smooth as silk with a tiny hint of camphor. It is fine, moist, and has the strongest nicotine hit I have ever felt from a snuff (beats out the whites, rustica etc) if you let it dry out in the open air.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Wow! This is a phenomenal snuff. Why did I only purchase one?

The menthol is nicely wed to a deep, earthy base infused with deep ripe fruit flavors...

Many menthols I have tried have trouble convincing me that the menthol and underlying tobacco flavor are truly friends, if this makes any sense. This snuff is different. The flavors act in concert, unifying in a truly satisfying snuff.

I can\'t stop snuffing this one...I think my next order will be an all Bernard extravaganza.