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Motia Snuff is a black, finely ground snuff. It has a distinct tobacco flavor with overtones of camphor. Motia Snuff is an effective decongestant, popular with the discerning consumer.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Motia is an excellent black, nicely scented snuff with an hint of camphor or menthol in it. It is a light scent, and not overpowering to the senses. Very relaxing in the evening, I find myself reaching for it before I go to sleep, the nicotine level, in my opinion, is moderate. It has a cooling effect on the nose that seems to clear my head without producing a large amount of discharge. The throat drip is pleasant and cooling.
The first time I ordered, I got two of the tiny little plastic 7gm tubs. I realized quickly I would need to get this in a larger size. This is one I will keep going back to as part of my daily rotation. I recommend trying it if you haven't already.