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Wilsons Rows of Sharrow

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This snuff is incredible. It has an excellent, delicate flavor and is by no means soapy or annoying in the long term use; quite the contrary! This snuff can be taken all day without any need to change direction. It is remarkable how strong and present the tobacco shines through, although the rose flavor is pretty strong itself. Very recommended!

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Red Star

NB: The 450g container is not in stock and is considered a special order. This will cause a short delay in delivery time. You should expect a delay between 48 hrs and 1 week.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James M Wilks
No problems!!!

Fast & reliable with a nice selection...I F*cking love these guys 🤟

Chris Willans
If you like a floral snuff - you'll love this

Having seen a 2 star average (only 1 review thus far!) I feel sorry for this wonderful snuff from Wilson's of Sharrow. I think the previous reviewer possibly wasn't a fan of floral snuff because this one is brilliant. Heavy rose but not too sweet as the tobbaco base balances out with slight earthy tones. I don't know exactly what gives the scent but it's probably an essential oil (rather than lemon pledge). It's a really good all dayer but only of you have the nose for floral snuff - lovely stuff, Chris

Not for me

If you know the odour of Lemon Pledge then trust me, skip this one. The moment I opened the tin it hit me, my mind searched for what that familiar scent was. It took a moment but there it was, Lemon Pledge. Then I thought if it smells like that what chemical additive gave it this odour.