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Fribourg and Treyer High Dry T

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This is an absolutely wonderful snuff, and possibly my favorite of the toast style. The flavor is quite subtle, yet complex. It is mostly a nutty flavor with some leather notes, and of course a strong toasted tobacco base. While it is very similar to Wilson's toast #22, the flavor is certainly better. Although I have yet to try this, I would imagine it would be even better (if that is possible) when paired with a nice English Nut Brown Ale.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: leman

Customer Reviews

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Powerful and traditional. Exquisite

If you haven't tried this one yet, get some. Its dry. not too finely powdered, got a complex flavour reminiscent of a harvest field, a grain barn, wood shavings and with a nuttiness to the feel of the taste. It is a high strength. But it is dry. Much easier to take than finer "irish" or "scotch" type snuffs and with more of a natural flavour. High nicotine content which usually pleases you. Godo to take straight of you don't mind a bit of a drying sensation in the nose, otherwise mix with a mild menthol like Gletscher Prise (or any other menthol you prefer, ideally with a touch of moisture to it) to help keep the nose moist on the inhale. The powder has real power. What I would imagine more ancient snuffs may have tasted like. Definitely should be part of your flavour repertoire.

Adrian jimenez

Fribourg and Treyer High Dry T

Steven T
High Dry T

Thought to add this to my snuff collection. Grind is a little bit too fine for me but nevertheless a nice snuff. High Dry T is my second snuff to try from F and T after Santo Domingo which I far prefer. Thanks for a good service and speedy delivery.

Roderic Elliott
HDT.......The best of the “toasts”

Definitely the top of the toasted style: Same recipe for over 200 years. I’ve been using nothing else for the past 5 years and never tire of it.