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Fribourg & Treyer High Dry T Classic Tin

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This is an absolutely wonderful snuff, and possibly my favorite of the toast style. The flavor is quite subtle, yet complex. It is mostly a nutty flavor with some leather notes, and of course a strong toasted tobacco base. While it is very similar to Wilson's toast #22, the flavor is certainly better. Although I have yet to try this, I would imagine it would be even better (if that is possible) when paired with a nice English Nut Brown Ale.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: leman

Customer Reviews

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Russell Walsh
Lovely snuff Great Tin!

I love toasts and this one doesn't disappoint. The tin note is so wonderful I can't get enough of just the smell! Its super dry, Fine powder which takes some very careful snuffing. I took a pinch and just tried to smell it and it was in my nose that fast! It gives a nice burn and a gentle smoky bonfire smell . Also reminiscent of the smell of coal burning. I absolutely love the screw top tins. I wish all snuff came in these tins, they screw tight with a seal and you can't squash them in your back pocket so I take my hat of to F and T for the packaging.

Hgt classic tin

Brilliant tin..has a good seal.. lovely snuff also