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Gawith Hoggarth S.P.

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Medium brown, dry and of medium grind, this snuff is an excellent example of a traditional English SP. Nutty, straw-like tobacco aroma is there in spades, with a subtle bergamot aroma, and a long slightly leathery finish. There is virtually no nose burn in my sample, suggesting it must be good and fresh, and it is very moreish. An all day, everyday snuff if ever there was one, although some may prefer more heavily scented examples.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Sandy130674

Customer Reviews

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xavier garcia esquerre

very fine with good fragrance and just the right humidity

Bas van Aalst
Easy on the nose, but not my cup of tea.

This snuff has a very flowery smell and is very soft on the nose. Not much burn or nose dripping. It's a fine grind and has a low nicotine content. Some people might like it, but the scent is not my cup of tea. I don't really get any tobacco aroma, just a strong floral and citrus aroma.

Reasonable but nothing special.

Fine ground, light coloured and quite prone to clumping.

Out of the tin it has the strongest ammonia scent of any snuff I have come across, this overpowers anything else that may or may not come from the tin. This is somewhat off-putting as ammonia is usually taken out of the tobacco early in the curing process.

Once I take a pinch I get a hint of ammonia as well as a mildly farmyard/earthy scent, with little to no hint of bergamot, this came as a surprise to me after reading other people's reactions. It is quite a plain snuff for an SP.

It is, though, a very easy snuff to take, little to no irritation even in large quantities and it doesn't get boring. It offers very little to no nicotine hit and could easily be someone's daily use snuff.