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McChrystal's Sicilian Burst

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I really can't praise this snuff highly enough. Very strong lemon character that blends perfectly with the tobacco, and reminds one of the scent of lemons with just a slight leather undertone that somehow seems to very slightly "sweeten" the lemon without remotely tasting like honey or sugar.

The lemon moves forward in the mix after being opened about 24 hours. The initial blast (and it IS a really delightful sensual rush unlike any citrus based snuff I've ever had) subsides rather quickly, but it's subtle remnants linger for a while.

Very dry with quite a burn, which I like, but should be taken in small pinches or it will wind up in your throat. Combined with a good weiss beer, it gives unbelievable pleasure. Definitely an "every 15 minutes" snuff. Moderate to slightly below moderate nicotine, which is perfect for me since once I start with this stuff I don't want to stop! A great, great snuff that's one of my all time favorites.

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Mick Moore
Very good quality

This is almost a toast. Extremely fine with a good nic hit.
I found the lemon quite mild in this one and it marries really well with an earthy and very good tobacco base. Reminds me of Sam Gawiths Grouse Moor flake which is one of my favourite pipe tobaccos.
A lovely spring /summer snuff that pairs well with a good gin and tonic