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Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice 20g

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"Mullins and Westley" is a highly traditional and crafted blend of Bergamot and Neroli Oil that is uniquely mixed as a medium to rich snuff that dates back to the 18th century. All within the form of the famous Jock's Choice, the recipe is based on a London best-loved formula that is over 300 years of age. A more historical based product with a stronger tobacco earthiness that's significantly balanced in terms of the flavouring and sensation. A longlasting and enjoyable sensation from an old favourite.

Easy to pinch when placed in the nasal area, the traditional hit you have been long lastingly anticipating, all within a 20g container. Let us know your thoughts. Ideal as an all-day snuff.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Thrower
Absolute Grandeur

At first, orange...

Sweet orange, tangy.... and then the power of neroli is unleashed.

Soapy floral, creamy, rose, orange, earthy, delicate and ever-expanding.

This is a treat to yourself.

This is a reward.

Love it

Great snuff light perfume scent good nicotine hit nice dry fine fluffy snuff but watch out it disappears fast very easy to snuff and surprisingly good for a first timer

The One

At last I found the one I have been looking for for a long time.
The neroli in Jock's Choice is distinctive but not overwhelming
Absolutely a all day snuff for me. A bit expensive but I'll think it's worth it.