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Odens Cold Extra Stark Portion

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Strong but well rounded and flavorful chewing tobacco blend with traditional, spicy Swedish tobacco flavor and hints of bergamot and some saltiness.

Extremely strong nicotine experience in unmoistened chewing portion bags and with lower tobacco moisture. Runs even less than regular ‘White’ bags – and keeps the flavor even longer.
Regular size for that well known feeling behind your lip.

  • Form:Portion
  • Manufacturer:GN Tobacco
  • Product Type:White Dry Portion
  • Salt:2.5 %
  • Nicotine level:22 mg/g
  • Moisture:25 %

Customer Reviews

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kad abdel
Oden's x-tra Stark

come's in portions they right and easy to put nder lips, nice flavor and give's you a good hint of tobacco, this was excellent