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Aluminium Posh Bullet

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The Posh aluminum snuff bullet is a high quality product weighing much less than the traditional steel. It is made from solid aluminum, it delivers with one twist an even dose of your favorite snuff.

The Posh snuff bullet is small enough to carry in your trouser pocket, and can hold around a day's worth of snuff. Simple to fill, unscrew the end, take cap off, fill with snuff, screw cap back on again to keep your snuff safe and dry. The Posh continues to work even when hot.

Twist the bullet to ensure a measure amount of snuff is delivered. Can be used to snuff straight from the bullet, or to tap out onto wrist. If snuffing from bullet, ensure the 'air hole' is lined up, take to the nostril and sniff.  Snuff bullets can perhaps be considered to be the modern equivalent of the snuff boxes of 'yester-year'. The Posh can be used to store your snuff like a snuff box. Comes in various colors.