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Samuel Gawith Scotch Black

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To the manufacturing from Samuel Gawith & Co. Ltd comes "Scotch Black Snuff". The smell is an earthy, smoky, faint odour, similar to a scent of wet trees that scent similar to the likes of decaying wood. The sensation is presented in a more soothing and pleasant procedure, that gives a sense of the great outdoors. Expect a medium nicotine level that is balanced in terms of being both strong and satisfying. A fine grind and easy practice moisture that will guarantee a good feeling in the nasal area. A top choice if you relish the plain category. 

Perfect for calming down the mood in evenings if you're needing that extra kick. Pleasing if you're a beginner and also enjoyable to those who are established in the snuff scene. Good quality snuff that is presented as very dark and moist tobacco. Let us know your thoughts below.


Excellent blend! It's a little more complex than the London Brown. This may be my top choice in their plain category. It's between this one and the London Brown. As a tobacco I would guess this is a mix of the Black Rappee and McCombie, of course that would be putting it simply. I would go for a bulk buy for sure!"

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Juxtaposer