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Silver Dollar Cherry

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A fine mentholated snuff from Silver Dollar with a fruity twist. This is a BRAND NEW cherry flavoured snuff that is manufactured to the highest quality in the American Market. Anticipate a fine to medium grind with a pleasantly long-lasting soothing sensation. The tobacco, menthol and cherry blend in a way to create a uniquely pleasing scent.

The product comes in a 5g tin and easily accessible when placed in the nasal area and significantly perfect to those who like a minimal mentholated hit. A fine to medium grind that is ideal to newcomers and also snuff extremists. A product that is thoroughly enjoyed by our customers. A guaranteed natural cherry flavouring with a dash of menthol. Let us know your thoughts below.

"I like this snuff quite a bit. When I first bought it, I found the menthol a bit overpowering and the cherry hard to detect. After coming back to it several weeks later, I've noticed myself enjoying it more, craving the flavor, and reaching for multiple pinches in a sitting. The menthol is more subtle than I initially thought, and compliments the cherry quite well. It is not too sweet, but at the same time, does not smell too much like cough syrup to me. The tobacco, menthol and cherry combine in a way to create a uniquely pleasing scent. The nicotine is not noticeably high, but it gets the job done and allows for large pinches. Very enjoyable snuff; I recommend it."

Thanks to: Kevin Byrne from Snuff Reviews