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A fine mentholated snuff from Silver Dollar with a twist. This is a coffee flavoured snuff that is manufactured to the highest quality in the American Market. Anticipate a fine to medium grind with a pleasant long-lasting soothing sensation. Perfect to those who of fanatics of coffee-related refreshments. A mid-level of nicotine is included too, a true phenomenon from Toque. Get a simulation of a coffee shop adventure. 

The product comes in a 5g tin and easily accessible when placed in the nasal area and significantly perfect to those who like a minimum mentholated hit. A guaranteed medium grind natural cafe latte flavouring with a dash of menthol. Let us know your thoughts in the review section below. 


Customer Reviews

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Mick Moore
Should be called Mocha!

A good fairly fine and very easy to snuff offering from Silver Dollar. Now I love my coffee black, thick and very, very strong so this was a little different to what I was expecting.
Extremely easy on the nose would make a great snuff for a novice this is creamy, with a mellow coffee aroma supported by good chocolate undertones. I would find it very easy to cane the whole tin straight off as its that smooth and very moreish. I'm giving it 5 stars for that reason alone, although if I was judging it on aroma I would give it 3 stars as I would have preferred a much darker coffee.


not going to lie this snuff is amazing they have captured a perfect coffee flavor / scent and a slightly chocolate undertone at the end! long lasting smell that reminds you of being inside a coffee shop. very well done silver dollar! this will definitely be my go to every day snuff from now on