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Silver Dollar Natural

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If you're an enthusiast of the Silver Dollar range you should try "Natural Snuff". A tradition of pure tobacco flavour on a medium grind. This is recognisably a high-quality snuff from Toque for the American market. This delivers medium moisture and is more established as a "Plain" snuff. Ideal as an all-day snuff, and has notably received a positive response as being a product that distinguishes a strong tobacco scent and flavour.

Expect it to arrive in a small 5g tin, and get ready for a guaranteed long-lasting effective kick that you have been long and sensationally anticipating. Easy to place in the nasal area and easily containable when placed in your pocket and travelling around. A fine to medium grind that is ideal to newcomers and also snuff extremists. Let us know your thoughts in the review section below.

"A medium grind, with medium nicotine, medium moisture, and just "plain" snuff. It reminds me of a scotch with some moisture. Now I'm not too familiar with many "moist natural snuffs" but I can definitely see that many people will like this one. It would make a good all day snuff. I've read many people are looking for a plain snuff and this just might be THE one. It doesn't clog much, and doesn't shoot down the throat. I really like this! Winner! Nice robust tobacco scent and taste. Very good."

Thanks to: transistor on Snuffhouse