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Taxi Red

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Most people who write about snuff always seem to say that NTSU Black is stronger than TAXI Red. Well I disagree, NTSU has a very big blast of ammonia, even more than TAXI Red and I believe this is what people are picking up on. However when it come to nicotine TAXI Red hits harder. Try them an hour apart as see what I mean."

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Anonymous

Customer Reviews

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Still waiting for snuff

I got this mail tkat 14 dahs ago i ordered 3x Taxi Red Snuff and that it’s time to review it, but my snuff never came. I suppose that its because closed borders between UK and France. I still wait for my order, and i will rewrite review then ☺️

Out of the ordinary

Looks like potting soil, smells like barnyard, hits like a sledgehammer. This is some heavy duty snuff. Black, extremely coarse with a huge nicotine hit. It's not an everyday snuff and it needs some getting used to, but once you start loving it there's no coming back. The tobacco is excellent, very rich, and while barnyard and ammonia dominate the flavour profile, there's definitely somenthing going on in the background. Take a seat, open the tin and be brave. You won't regret it.

taxi red

well done°°°