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Taxi Red

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Most people who write about snuff always seem to say that NTSU Black is stronger than TAXI Red. Well I disagree, NTSU has a very big blast of ammonia, even more than TAXI Red and I believe this is what people are picking up on. However when it come to nicotine TAXI Red hits harder. Try them an hour apart as see what I mean."

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Anonymous

Customer Reviews

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Interesting stuff

Took some getting used to. Big nic hit but in a strange way, I feel it builds more like a snus than a snuff. Very coarse grind which will stick in your sinus if you're not careful. And finally it stinks of ammonia (to the point where I keep thinking I need to change my socks and realising it's just the snuff stink), rotten grass and animal dung. But I'm still very much enjoying it

Robert Adger

I was a bit wary about trying this....however as a pipe smoker I shouldn't have worried...good nic hit...I love it

Tarek Kaidi

Taxi Red

Martin B.
Very good

Transport to Germany was handled really well and the product is of very good quality.

Not for me

Extremely moist , thick cut, wreaks of ammonia and smells like a farm. Couldnt hold it in my nose long enough to notice the nicotine hit. Each to their own but really didnt like it. Do not regret trying it though!