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Toque Ambrosia

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A nice snuff this but I had to let it breathe overnight as there was an initial smell of ammonia (sign of freshness). I am impressed by it. It has a fruity smell that reminds me of Juicy Fruit chewing gum too or Vimto fruit soft drink from Scotland.

I normally like a bit of a burn with my snuff but this is soft and gentle on the nose. It is pretty strong on the nicotine though and I understand it may have rustica tobacco in it. It would be nice to see this one become a mainstay.

Courtesy of Toque Snuff reviews: matteob

Customer Reviews

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Mick Moore
Spanish Gem on steroids!

My review on Spanish Gem holds true with this marvellous offering from Toque. However Ambrosia carries an added aroma of rich vanilla /tonquin alongside the Italian nougat notes of SG. Straight into my top 5 snuffs, I could happily take this all day.
Fine to medium grind, goldilocks humidity and enough nicotine to bring on the thousand yard stare!
Love it!

A Comforting, Warm Take

I haven’t reviewed snuff before, though I’ve been taking it for many years. Toque was initially difficult for a beginner but the flavors have kept me coming back to this maker. The grind is generally quite fine, which initiates like me could find daunting. But continued use has led me to this brand over and over with confidence.

Ambrosia. Freshly opened tin I found the expression very welcoming. It’s warm, somewhat sweet but not floral. Close though.

I’ve only just opened the tin and generally I like my snuff to ‘age’ a while before I commit. (Many beloved snuffs have been discontinued before I committed, so don’t delay when you find something you might like to take long term. Buy more right away!)

Upon my first sniff I found a friend. I’ll let the tin air for a couple of days but intend to lay in a good supply of Ambrosia immediately. This is snuff even a newbie could enjoy. I love it. Calming with a nice nic hit. Recommended.