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Viking Dark

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A sophisticated and niche snuff in the Viking Series. A finely grounded product with a complimented texture that when burnt produces a superior aroma that you have been heavily anticipating. A strongly moist and ideally coarse snuff that acquires a robust nicotine punch. "Viking Dark" is a simply natural snuff that is recommended for novice and additionally extremists in the snuff community.

A moderate grind of high-quality plain scented tobacco that can deliver an all-day experience all within a range of different container sizes (25g, 100g and 500g). A Deep, Dark and flavoursome Viking snuff presented through a distinct initial tobacco scent that will ensure to linger when placed in the nasal area. Let us know your thoughts in the review section below.

Purchased this along with a variety of other snuffs to kick the smoking habit completely. I had some snuff which was running low and read other reviews that said this would do the trick. It did so far. Out of the box smell told me, "grandfather's village in Eastern Europe".

Very natural. Also, if you have ever smelled a pack of cigarettes, this is what the pack should probably smell like if it didn't have all the other added chemicals. Packed quite a burn in the beginning but nothing to call the Dr. about! Faint hints of smoke, grass.

Courtesy Mr.Snuff Reviews: Anonymous