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Wilsons Grove

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This is an non-tobacco energy snuff with a lingering lemon flavor.

NB: The 450g container is not in stock and is considered a special order. This will cause a short delay in delivery time. You should expect a delay between 48 hrs and 1 week.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful natural lemon/lemon blossom scent

Different snuffs seem to suit different times of the day and this one is a delight in the morning. Fine and dry with no shortage of nicotine, the aroma could probably be called a pure lemon SP. There is no cleaning product or candy associations, the lemon is sharp and natural without being sweet. It's perfectly blended with the underlying tobacco, making an unusually fresh and refreshing snuff.

Mick Moore
This is definitely a tobacco based snuff!

I think the description for this product is referring to the Lemon Ice rather than the Lemon Grove version.
This is quite similar to the Mcchrystal's Sicilian Burst with the added aroma of lemon blossom.
Medium to fine grind and good moisture level with a pleasant enough but short lived burn. This one is bolder than the Mcchrystal's and one of my favourite snuffs to date. Nic level is a medium with a fast delivery. Great morning snuff to wake up with. I need a massive tin of this!