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Wilsons SP 100

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One of the things I love about snuff is the massive variety. The grind, nicotine and moisture are standard Wilsons SP but with a certain silkiness to it. On opening the tin, I immediately got a sharp citrus like blast of pure snuff goodness. When you take the first pinch its almost like biting into a lemon.

There is a pronounced and complex flavor to follow with bergamot, citrus and other high notes floating around in there. A faint hint of jasmine is present. If you like snuffs like Toque Original or Tom Buck then this is for you. It's a very, very good snuff indeed!

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Snuffster

NB: The 450g container is not in stock and is considered a special order. This will cause a short delay in delivery time. You should expect a delay between 48 hrs and 1 week.