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6 Photo Medicated No.6

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Containing a traditional blend of Indian herbs comes a blend of the very best sun-cured tobacco from leading Indian states of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. The substance is well known for its medical properties and pure delicacy. Late your senses stimulate with the menthol sentiment and cardamon scent, ideally a punch for everyone's nostrils.

A medicated snuff with a fair balance of flavours and scents that implements a clear lengthy sensation, sufficient to give a distinctive cardamon scented hit. Exquisite mentholated snuff with a good bit of moistness. Be sure to check out the meatier and spicier medicated snuff products available. We have #66 and #666 available for you to assay. Some quote this product as the Queen of spices.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Wow! Medicated is a must have. I love the scent of cardamom so much I think sometimes I hallucinate this aroma in various snuff but this time it\'s obvious: cardamom scented snuff with mild menthol-camphor. For me cardamom is the Queen of spices (saffron being the King). This blend is a pure delicacy. The flour is similar to super chetak. Now I feel like I just felt in love again!