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6 Photo Shammah Afghani 50g

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From 6 Photo comes a blend of the best handpicked Rustica and Burley performed in a moist tobacco fashion. Rustica being notorious for the high nicotine content associated as a driving force that specialises in bringing the user back to this niche product. The super tobacco taste enhances a high kick to those with a high nicotine tolerance all within a 50g container. Shammah Aghani is used as an oral product and holds no added flavouring. Recommended if you're a fan of extraordinary nicotine hits from hand-sourced tobacco.

This dense and moist product is presented in a brownish tobacco tradition that is best used orally as a dip or chewing tobacco. Additionally, Shammah Afghani does not incorporate menthol flavouring in its Afghani style container however it is still distributed out for a generous price. Let us know your thoughts in the review section.

Customer Reviews

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Hocine Hamoum
Very good

Very good service

Darren Mann

Ok let’s start by saying OMG. I have a high tolerance to vitamin N, but I was not expecting that let me tell ya. This stuff is AMAZING. First of all u need to forget the smell of amonia to start with, and don’t be put off with the look of this stuff, if it’s a high and instant kick to the chops with nicotine your after, then this one’s for you. All I will say is to take a small pea sized bit to start with then build it up from there. All ready ordered another 8 tins. Should keep me happy for a wee while.

Csaba Arday
Afghani 50g

Brutal stauff. Texture good. Strong. Fress product. Fast delivery

Paulius Naceckas


Nizar Abdallah

No good quality