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Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: There is no doubt in my mind why this is Bernard's flagship product. This is the schmalzler by which all others must be measured. I really can't add much to the comments below, as this snuff is well reviewed, but I write reviews for my own records.

Doppelt Fermentiert means 'double fermented' presumably that means it went twice to get extra flavoring. It is quite sweet and has all of the sweet flavors others have mentioned, namely maple and dried fruits. Its very rich and although course, its quite soft. It does not cause much nose-burn. Very full bodied, strong but not smokey tobacco flavors. Excellent.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Xander

Customer Reviews

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Zane Alter
nasal snuff

if you want something other than menthol this is your go to snuff nice

Klaus Geltl
'A Home Away From Home' To Me: Bernard Brazil!

The Bernard snuff factory is from the same city in Bavaria in which I myself was born and raised! But I live in England. Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert has been one of my favourites for a while and a couple of times I brought boxes full of it from my trips to Germany, using it sparingly trying to make it last until my next trip - how happy was I to finally discover a place online where I could buy it while at home in Yorkshire, to just wait for it being brought to my door! It ain't no exaggeration to say, this contributes to my making myself 'a home away from home'. I love dark snuffs, and this one is slightly sweet but not too much so, while strong, but gentle on the nose when I, sometimes, fancy taking a somewhat larger quantity.

Anders Björner


I haven´t got my snuff yet, depends probably on customs control.