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Dental Scotch 1.15 oz

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I just picked up a fresh can of this yesterday. The flavor is very identical to the typical American smokey Scotch. It is very similar to Garrett or Rooster with perhaps just a tad less smokiness. I believe one would have to be fairly proficient with American Scotches to notice the subtle difference though. Where I did notice a difference was in the bite. Perhaps my can was more fresh, but it did seem easier to take than Garrett or Rooster with a bit less burn.

It has teeth though so be forewarned. Perhaps the ability to ingest larger pinches might account for my strong detection of nicotine effects. This is not a weak snuff by any definition and can get your head spinning. For someone looking to sample the American Scotch experience, this would be a nice place to start. Just don't let the term 'Mild' fool you. Only seasoned Scotch users would perceive this as mild in my opinion.

Courtesy of Snuff reviews: Spyro