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Dholakia Black

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CUSTOMER REVIEW: I am very glad Dholakia decided to make a black snuff. I am even more glad that they made it a non-perfumed, non-mentholated one. They really are on top of their game when they make traditional Indian blends. I don't know how this is so incredibly black in color, or how they make it, but they have done a wonderful job.

This snuff is quite fine, but has a bit more moisture that allows it to clump, or to smear if you get it on your hands or clothes. Its incredibly potent in nicotine and reasonably easy to take. A snuff spoon makes the taking of it a bit more tidy. The aroma is probably going to be a turn-off for a beginner.

It has a very "natural" scent, that may remind one of barnyards or zoos, or even the elephant parade at the circus. Once accustomed to it, the smell is less important. It's not a daily snuff for me, but I love having it on hand when I need a good long lasting nicotine buzz, that only Taxi and Ntsu usually provide. It will cause my nose to both run and drip into my throat which is its only drawback. Makes a mess of white handkerchiefs!

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Customer Reviews

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David P
Nice snuff not great.

This is a slightly moist, fine ground snuff
It's good but I like a stronger 'hit' from my snuff and although this has a very smooth flavour, it doesn't have the kick I like.

Wonderful dark snuff.

This one could be described as an acquired taste due to it being a pure dark roasted tobacco snuff. But my goodness, once that taste has been acquired it's hard to put down.

Erol Abujuma

Not my favorite ice cool is better