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McChrystal's Assorted Minors

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Minor Sample Pack of 12. McChrystal's is offering a sample pack of assorted snuffs. The pack includes 12 different minor tins.

Customer Reviews

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timothy millington
i think you should do a pinch of that snout now .

excellent pinch of snout , get it up your hooter .

Andy Hopson
Box of delights

What a delightful collection of mini tins of snuff, great to sample the variety available before buying the larger tins.

David Lapin
Sensual Expansion

Often we limit our sensual experimentation because the investment in experiment with doubtful outcome is too high. But McChrystals Assorted Minors afdorda us the opportunity to experience multiple fragrances and expand our repertoire with little cost or risk! Who could miss such an opportunity?

Peter Triestman
Can't review yet.

I have not received my order yet, so I really have no basis for reviewing this product. Hopefully it will come soon.

Zak Martin

Liked all apart from one, would defo recommend for finding a daily driver. Aztec, summer harvest and sunblast are sublime. I use the others to cut my white elephant with to get me down to currently 2 smokes a day.