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Poschl Andechs Spezial 10g

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The 'kloster Andechs' is part of a food series in Germany that markets 'traditonal', high end, usually expensive products. There is also is Kloster Andechs beer etc. The grind is medium and it is bit drier than most Poschl snuffs. The scent is of herbs and with a hint of menthol. The tobacco base somehow feels a bit schmalzler-like, as it is 'dark' in taste.

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Customer Reviews

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Zane Alter
nasal snuff

order was timely, thanks for the service

Klaus Hofbauer
Instant Favourite

I used to stick to Gawith snuff of Pöschl, but trying Andechs I instantly found a new Favourite.
The classic medium gring of Pöschl paired with a light not too powerful note of Menthol. Fresh herbal taste complimented of a light liquorice and earthy tobbaco aromas.

ian clayton
Not public.

Hi. This snuff didn’t arrive unfortunately. Can you send it again please, with my new order?

Tobacco Jack
Andechs is Awesome!

I love most things 🌿herbal: Jägermeister, Richola, peppermint & chamomile tea, bitters in my Old Fashion, ginger root & honey tea, etc. I came across this snuff after trying many herbal snuff duds. Andechs is "schmaltzler-lite" heaviness of tobacco (without the fermentation gunk and sweetness), some "herbal notes," and a yummy peppermint oil or ground peppermint throughout. For those unfamiliar with peppermint, it is menthol with taste. All-in-all, a fine snuff. I would make it an everyday snuff, but that would make it less special for me.