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Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g

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Dynamite vs Red Bull Strong: I have tried these two powerhouses recently. Loved both right away, but the longer I go, the more I appreciate the subtle differences. Dynamite has a light citrus under the massive load of menthol, and Red Bull allegedly has some herbal-ish scent under the menthol bomb. Additionally Red Bull is moister and fluffier.

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Customer Reviews

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An all time favourite.

A great menthol snuff with the faintest hint of Eucalyptus.
There are hundreds of Menthol snuffs out there but, Redbull will always be my go to.
Comes in a handy tap box that easily fits inside my shirt pocket, I take it everywhere with me.
Perfect to wake up your senses first thing in the morning and if you're able to get some snuff up your hooter when your nose is blocked due to congestion, this WILL clear it up allowing you to breath.
Has a lovely, medium nicotine hit as well.
Definitely an all time favourite.

My favourite snuff

As a bit of a menthol head this stuff is probably my favourite snuff. I love it first thing in the morning, lovely burn and clears out your head. Fantastic nicotine hit with strong menthol and eucyluptus notes, medium grind and medium moisture. Absolute banger and all-rounder. Havent spoken to anyone who doesn't agree. Just try it and you'll understand. I constantly try other snuffs but very rarely so they ever compare.

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g

Its an amazing snuff, the mint effect is brilliant and the nicotine kick is amazing

Menthol power

If you like menthol you came to the right place. This will give you a freshness that will last for a good while. Really clears the airways!

My Go-To Brand As of Now

This little number has everything I'm looking for: finely ground, menthol infused, and, of course, a nice little kick to set the tone for the day. Make sure to buy in bulk because you're going to be snorting this stuff back like it's going out of style; though I honestly doubt it ever will.