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Silver Dollar Licorice

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A grand mentholated snuff from Silver Dollar with a candy hinted Twist. This is a liquorice flavoured snuff that is manufactured to the highest quality in the American Market. Anticipate a fine to medium grind with a pleasant long-lasting soothing sensation. Take yourself back to visiting candy stores with this nostalgic liquorice flavouring. Perfect to those who of fanatics of confectionery flavouring. A mid-level of nicotine is included too, a true phenomenon from Toque. This can easily be placed in your pocket and brought on your travels. 

The product comes in a 5g tin and easily accessible when placed in the nasal area and significantly perfect to those who like a minimum mentholated hit. A guaranteed medium grind with a dash of menthol. Let us know your thoughts in the review section below. Liquorice could be the way forward.