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Sir Walter Scott's Anson's Imperial

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A finely milled, slightly moist blend of fermented Burley, Bright Leaf Virginia and Zimbabwe tobaccos, matured with Crème de Cacao Blanc and cased with an extract of crushed apricot kernels to create a luxurious, silky, high nicotine snuff.

Named after Admiral of the Fleet Lord George Anson, who in 1759 was the first person to successfully grow apricots in Britain, at Moor Park, his estate in Hertfordshire

NB: As with any natural tobacco product, artisan nasal snuff can be susceptible to mould if it is not stored correctly. All of our snuffs are heat treated before packing to ensure an indefinite shelf-life whilst in the original, unopened containers. Our snuffs are traditionally made without chemical preservatives and we recommend that once opened the snuffs should be kept in the tightly closed brand container and stored in a refrigerator. Only decant using a clean, dry implement.