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Snuv Everest 10g

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This is the mentholated version of RIGOR MORTIS. Same base of flavours but the menthol does change the over-all profile, dampening down the subtlety and ramping up the smack in the head. It will clear your sinuses, and the menthol adds a bit of punch to initial hit.

You can click [here] to go right to RIGOR MORTIS, or because you are so damn awesome (and so are we) it is copied below: This is by far the most classic smelling herb mixture of the bunch. Straight away you’ll detect a good dose of turmeric, ginseng and hemp agrimony. Insufflate with care, and when you stop blubbing like baby, aromas of hay, grass and hemp emerge, along with hints of old leather, musk and even sweet tobacco. This snuv identifies as male. It is another super-strong concoction. Use with caution. Please.

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  • Grind: very fine
  • Moisture: dry as a bone
  • Strength: Very strong
  • Menthol: Yes

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Snuv Everest

Ouch, oh ya wee beauty, like altitude sickness hits sea level! Care needs to be taken, otherwise, should a pinch too much be will require oxygen!