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Toque CBD 10g

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CBD Premium Snuff is a fine tobacco snuff containing 100mg's of CBD in every tin and has a chocolate brownie flavour. Please be aware many inferior products sell for less but only have 20mg's of CBD so a user needs to buy 5 times the quantity to Toques 1 tin. Start with approximately 1 gram per day and, should you wish, up to a level you are comfortable with.

Customer Reviews

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I was dubious about this CBD stuff-after a lifetime of toking, and I've not tried anything to compare and contrast it with. But yeah. It's good. Roll on the THC version, and the world might be a happier, healthier and higher place !

Surprisingly good

As far as snuffs go I wouldn’t say this is bad at all, smells a bit like a chocolate brownie to my nose, the smell of tobacco is raw in a pleasant sense, and you can kinda smell the CBD oil especially if you’ve had that on its own before. It’s a medium moist, medium grind snuff and I love the practical tin with screw top.
As for the CBD part - I tried oils before and this is not half bad, it definitely calms me down after about 10-15 minutes, you notice it a lot more if you take it in the morning, so as far as CBD products go, this is definitely worth the money, more than I expected to be honest. Make sure you don’t compare it directly to a typical all tobacco snuff though, it’s a hybrid product but it makes a lot of sense to me and I think it’s much better value than other CBD products.

CBD delight in a tin .

Interesting unmetholated snuff with a very natural earthly feel to it and minimal burn . It comes in a cute little screw tin so its very handy to store .
I liked this snuff as it is very easy to take and leaves you with a feeling of calmness .

David Barnes

Ordered wood and got plastic 👍

Calum Mackay
Best CBD snuff

This is the best cbd snuff on the market! A few pinches of this and you'll feel something. Nothing nasty about this, just go for it !